We are an art book publishing house. What does that mean? A lot and nothing.

“The book and its opposite” is the motto that reminds us to publish always unique books.

True to this declaration of intent, all our publications are different from each other, free from constraints of form, materials, content, and philosophy.

The perimeter of art is therefore a starting point for us. A fence to climbed over, a home to return to, and to which always be accountable.

Libri Aparte was born in 2006 by Simone Facchinetti, Viola Giacometti, Sara Mazzocchi and Andrea Salvi. Solutions and skills in contemporary art, graphic design and visual communication fields put at the service of the publishing industry and the planning of events, exhibitions, editorial and communication projects.

With the enthusiasm of day one and faithful to their initial intention of proposing an original vision in today complex publishing industry, Simone Facchinetti and Andrea Salvi re-founded the publishing house in 2019.

Libri Aparte
via Delpino 8
24123 Bergamo